Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have failed at a lot of things lately. One being my 30 day challenge, another BLOGGING, and last but not least, dating. So, I apologize to you for not blogging, I apologize to my ass for not working out and I apologize to the guy who let a great girl slip away.

Speaking of slipping away, I think I am going to slip away from the dating world once again. I really can't take many more first dates. I am wanting to start making up stories just to mix it up a little bit. I feel like I am at a new doctors office filling out a medical questionnaire. I try hard to get through it as fast as possible because I know that I never have nor never will have prostate cancer! That is how I am with a first date. Seriously, I get so tired of talking about my favorite foods or what I like to do for fun. It sure as hell isn't going out on first dates!

However, you can tell how good I am on keeping my word (cough, cough), that if anything changes I will keep you posted. For now...AHHHHH, no more first dates! Stupid Cupid!

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