Friday, February 20, 2009

The drama that never stops....

It seems like I live a life full of drama.  Being someone who hates it, I sure seem to follow me.  Over the past couple of years many things have happened and I ask God, "Why me or my family?  Haven't we had enough?  When will things turn around?"  Needless to say, I still haven't received an answer.  

So, the lastest drama is my brother has a drinking problem.  He had a major car wreck this week and was airlifted to a trauma center.  This is far from the first incident we have had with him but the worst.  

I was in Philadelphia when I received the news and my life flashed back to "Here we go again, my family is going to lose another person."  Although, I do not like my brother right now because of his addiction and unwillingness to get help, I do love him.  Thankfully the good LORD was watching over him.  He came out of this wreck with a lot of broken bones, another DUI and hopefully a reality check.  

My life...the drama that never stops!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Damn the meds....

About a year after my hubby passed, I got on my 3rd attempt of anti-depressents.  I finally found one that allowed me to go through my day without crying.  WHAT A MIRACLE!  I cried so much that my son gave me a MAGIC rock.  He told me, "Mommy, this rock will make you happy."  I knew then it was time to make a change in my life.  So, I found miracle drug.  But man I have to say, it is addicting.  One day without it, I can tell a change in mood.  But the worst part is getting back on it, gitters and very little here I am with gitters and up since 4:30am.  Damn the meds....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

No more Handy Manny!

I have decided to ban Disney's Handy Manny from my TV.  Not that it is a bad show for children, I just can't take listening to it in the background anymore.  I am sure some of you have kids shows out there that drive you nuts, well Handy Manny (aka Hanny Manny in my house) is that show for me.  

Maybe this is God's way of telling me to read more to my kids.  But I am sorry, I hardly have time to brush my teeth, more or less, spend hours reading.  I hate to admit it but I have a TV babysitter and I am feeling really guilty about it.  So, today I am throwing away my guilt and blaming it on the TV.   It really shouldn't have such a convenient "ON" switch...geez even a 3 year old can work it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Learning to live...

A mother, a provider, a widow who is learning to live without him.  This is my first blog on here so I ask each of you to bear with me.  Just so you know a little bit of my story I lost my husband on February 3, 2006 to a stroke.  At the time of his stroke we had a 16month old son and a 7 week old daughter.  His stroke was sudden and very unexpected. 

Since then, my two kids and I have been learning to live without here we go!