Friday, February 20, 2009

The drama that never stops....

It seems like I live a life full of drama.  Being someone who hates it, I sure seem to follow me.  Over the past couple of years many things have happened and I ask God, "Why me or my family?  Haven't we had enough?  When will things turn around?"  Needless to say, I still haven't received an answer.  

So, the lastest drama is my brother has a drinking problem.  He had a major car wreck this week and was airlifted to a trauma center.  This is far from the first incident we have had with him but the worst.  

I was in Philadelphia when I received the news and my life flashed back to "Here we go again, my family is going to lose another person."  Although, I do not like my brother right now because of his addiction and unwillingness to get help, I do love him.  Thankfully the good LORD was watching over him.  He came out of this wreck with a lot of broken bones, another DUI and hopefully a reality check.  

My life...the drama that never stops!

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