Thursday, February 12, 2009

No more Handy Manny!

I have decided to ban Disney's Handy Manny from my TV.  Not that it is a bad show for children, I just can't take listening to it in the background anymore.  I am sure some of you have kids shows out there that drive you nuts, well Handy Manny (aka Hanny Manny in my house) is that show for me.  

Maybe this is God's way of telling me to read more to my kids.  But I am sorry, I hardly have time to brush my teeth, more or less, spend hours reading.  I hate to admit it but I have a TV babysitter and I am feeling really guilty about it.  So, today I am throwing away my guilt and blaming it on the TV.   It really shouldn't have such a convenient "ON" switch...geez even a 3 year old can work it.

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  1. Although I never knew you or your husband, you must ask yourself - would he have wished all of this heartache and anger on you and your 2 adorable children?

    For what it is worth, try to release it for him, yourself and your 2 children.

    Read any book written by Louise L. Hay. Her life story will humble you. How she survived it will amaze you. You can probably check it out at the library and read 1 page a day. Start with "You can heal yourself." She will show you how to stop the anger and suffering within you through her life story.

    When thinking of your beloved husband, remember your husband is in a better place watching over you and thank God for that.

    Everyday think of something positive the 2 of you shared, no matter how small, and celebrate that! Soon the love the 2 of you shared will melt through the hard shell you have been building around yourself.