Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Battle Lost

Have you ever come across people in your life that have to use hatred, rudeness, cruelty and many other "nasty" forms of expression to over come the pain they have endured throughout their life?

Well, I have lately. I even sunk to their level once and threw the nasty back to them but NO MORE. I felt worse from intentional trying to hurt them than I did from stomaching their harsh words. Now, I am the first to stand up and admit my faults. I know I can be extremely unbearable at times but I NEVER set out to deliberately hurt anyone.

I think the worse thing about people of this nature is I just want to embrace them and remind them that there are great doors that can be opened and true happiness does lie behind them. But somehow the closer you try to get, the nastier they become.

So, today I wave my white flag to all you nasty people who have displaced your pain. Please know that you are doing no one, not even yourself, justice.


  1. You have a Pal in 4ygvD!! I hear mean people suck - pass it on........ :)

  2. Hang in there- mean people stink and we all know them. More of them than any of should