Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Single SuperStar!


That's right folks, I am a single SUPERSTAR! I somehow made it to the famous iListPaducah.com page again as the iDate of the week. How fun is this?

You know what though, I feel like I have really conquered the single world in my life. Really! TASK accomplished! But somehow my grade got changed to an F and I am having to repeat it again. So with the help of Match.com and now, iListPaducah.com, I am bound to find my soul mate #dos!

Yeah right, I have this feeling I will be repeating this grade aka status, many times and mainly due to me being picky, but he's out there. I just know it. Until then, cheers to me for my Super Stardom in the Single World!


  1. He's looking for you too! You'll find each other, I know you will :)

  2. It's exciting that you get to experience some new stuff--like dating again. Be picky...you deserve it! Have Fun!!