Monday, June 8, 2009

Movin' Up

So, I spent the past weekend in Chaffee MO. As some of you know, I grew up close to the area but can honestly say I don't remember ever stepping foot in Chaffee. And when I say foot, I mean foot! This town isn't large enough for both of your feet. Although, it is quite small, it does have a comforting charm to it.

During my visit I was given the "grand" tour. The city center (cough) had an adorable little gazebo in the middle and of course, I had to snap a shot. Now it still needs some more tweaking but I am proud to say that it will soon hang over the toilet of a well know Chaffee celebrity! Yep! That's right! So, for those of you who had little to no faith in my photography future, HA! Just take a visit to the bathroom next time you are in Chaffee and you will see my work above a porcelain god.

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