Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My mother

My parents moved to Kentucky right after Jim's passing to help me with the kids.  It was hard to accept help at first because I felt like I should be "Super Mom."  Thinking, "these are my kids now and I have to do it ALL by myself."  But you know what?  NO one is SuperMom.  And accepting help from others, is a really great thing.  I remember the first night I got to sleep 8 straight hours.  It felt better than the thought of winning the lottery.  Now, the kids spend one night a week over there.  I wish Jim's mother was closer so they could share this time with her too but I am very thankful to have my mother close.  


  1. girl, you are a stronger woman than you'll ever know. i hate we didn't know each other more in school, but you amaze me as a wife, mom and human being. i'm quite sure jim is very proud of the woman you are and you will see him again someday. God bless!

  2. As you say, it's hard to accept help sometimes. But help isn't easy to find, and you need to cut yourself some slack from time to time.

    So if it's offered, just grab it with both hands! You need some time to be you as well as 'just' a parent, and that's good for your kids as well.

    Best wishes from London, and spirits up.