Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sink or Swim

I have officially signed back up to the world of online dating. I have tested these waters once before and either became overwhelmed or disqusted with it...not sure which one. Maybe it is the smell of Summer in the air or just plain boredom that leads me back down this road. Either way I am out there again.

I go back and forth on the concept of online dating. Does it show desperation or is it genuinely a great invention? Uh...don't know. What I do know that sitting at home on a Saturday night watching movies is never going to "get me out there." FYI...I do this not by choice hence the two pictures on the right of this blog. 

So, you know what I do like about internet dating? I can meet men in my PJ's and they have no idea. I don't have to put on makeup, Spanx's, high heels, and everything else to met someone. Which honestly, I do thank Dr. Phil greatly for this! Way to go! 

But really, for the desperation side of this, I don't understand what guys are thinking half the time. I get amazed at the number of them who truly think that emailing me to say "You're Hot!" is really going to get them a second look. Yeah, I'm my PJ's with apple juice spilt all over me while inhaling a corndog watching SpongeBob. Yeah, that's hot. Come on, can't you come up with anything better? Seriously? If I can't carry on a 5 min conversation with me via email or phone, what makes you think I want to live the rest of my life with you? (ok, jumping the gun a bit with that statement) Or even have an hour dinner with you?  Really?

Either way it is perceived in my mind, I am out there again.  I know that I will either sink or swim and I am crossing my fingers that it is swim but if not, have a towel waiting to dry me off!



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